Video message from Darren Potter

I am sending you this update while we are all in an environment of volatility and great uncertainty given the outbreak of the coronavirus, and its relatively quantifiable impact.

The most important thing at times like these is family and health, and we extend our very best wishes to all of you from the Wealth Plus team. We look forward to the good news that will eventually follow the containment of Covid-19.

In addition to my video message, I wanted to share with you a quote borrowed from Paul Xiradis, Ausbil’s Executive Chairman, Chief Investment Officer and Head of Equities.

“In times like these, it is those who remain invested who are best positioned to capture the rebound when markets have stopped panicking and start following the fundamentals again.”

Just remember that I am available to speak with you if you have any questions, concerns or if you wish to discuss your own personal circumstances.  I thank you for watching my video message.  I will be posting further updates periodically.


Darren Potter 



The human face of under-insurance

Zurich Financial Services Australia

Published on Sep 21, 2015

Australia’s under-insurance problem is well documented and widely discussed. But only when we put a human face to this phenomenon does all the talk start to become meaningful. For any who doubt the value and importance of advice – or whether under-insurance is a real issue – our latest video will put those doubts to rest forever. It tells the story of Emma Bright, who just a short time ago, had the world at her feet, before tragically losing her husband in a motorcycle accident, and being left to raise their young son alone. Told in raw, emotional terms, this video is a must see for you and your clients. Please feel free to use and share.

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AIA Claim Scott’s story

Published on Feb 17, 2014
Here is a real life claim from one of the nations leading insurers AIA. There are thousand of stories like Scott’s, some of them have the sufficient insurance which makes it easier in a very difficult time and some of these stories don’t… What would your story look like?