The human face of under-insurance

Zurich Financial Services Australia

Published on Sep 21, 2015

Australia’s under-insurance problem is well documented and widely discussed. But only when we put a human face to this phenomenon does all the talk start to become meaningful. For any who doubt the value and importance of advice – or whether under-insurance is a real issue – our latest video will put those doubts to rest forever. It tells the story of Emma Bright, who just a short time ago, had the world at her feet, before tragically losing her husband in a motorcycle accident, and being left to raise their young son alone. Told in raw, emotional terms, this video is a must see for you and your clients. Please feel free to use and share.

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AIA Claim Scott’s story

Published on Feb 17, 2014
Here is a real life claim from one of the nations leading insurers AIA. There are thousand of stories like Scott’s, some of them have the sufficient insurance which makes it easier in a very difficult time and some of these stories don’t… What would your story look like?